"Accidentism" - A design philosophy coined by Swedish architect and designer Josef Frank in the 1950's.

Frank opposed mainstream European Modernism and believed that, above all else, buildings and objects should convey a sense of delight. He famously asked: "Why should modernism not be fun and accessible, he asked? Why should it all be deadly serious?"

Textile & wallpaper designs by Josef Frank: “Mirakel” (c. 1925-30) “Rox & Fix” (c. 1943-45) and unkown. [Svenskt Tenn]


Borrowing style elements and inspiration from the all-over floral prints by Josef Frank, this collection is all about complex and interesting florals. Taking this concept one step further, the artist wanted to have a little fun with the pattern: “I wanted the floral to be a little fantastical and off-the-wall.”


We are seeing a huge trend of purples and sages. This strong, natural combination plays off each other in a realistic, yet unexpected way.

From the artist: “I love this combo in particular, as it feels very feminine but also strong. Also, these grey bibs are my current favorite – I’m wearing them all the time.”

Meet the artist

Meet Shelby Ling, a TDG designer on the Specialized Custom team. Shelby’s bright and playful personality shines through in all her designs. Highlighted in this collection, her signature style pairs unique and unexpected color pallets with illustrative patterns. In her spare time, you can find her mountain biking, hanging with her dog, and always making art.