All hands on deck - "of, relating to, or being a situation in which every available person is needed or called to assist." - Merriam Webster

The last year has been tough on everyone in different ways. We all need an outlet for stress and support from those around us. The cycling community offers both the outlet of riding and the support of others. This collection design is a call for each of us to do our part to lend a helping hand to those in need. It symbolizes interconnectivity, resilience, and a hope for all to emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and fortitude.


A hand-drawn, illustrative pattern shows interconnected hands in different poses - some waving 'hello' and others throwing up the peace sign or rocking out - but all intertwined together.

With small hints of icons and typography straight from the artist’s sketchbook, this design is sure to make you take a closer look and remind you to lend a helping hand whenever possible.


Monochromatic top layers mix with bright pops of color found on the base layers and accessories. Subdued, tone-on-tone bib shorts look sleek and stealthy from afar while closer inspection reveals the matching illustrative pattern.

Meet the artist

Meet McKenzie Sampson, a Graphic Designer on the Custom team who has been with Specialized for seven years. Based out of Portland, OR, McKenzie spends his free time gravel riding and in search of epic new roads. His personal style is heavily illustrative and full of fun icons, tags, and characters. He finds that a simple pencil and paper gives him the quickest way to get down ideas and allow for the most creative freedom. You may recognize McKenzie’s
unique, signature style from past collections he's designed like Dye Happy and City Scripts.


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