The focus is not on each fragmented part, but on the visual effect the entire piece creates.


Departing completely from the world of precision and perfection, this design embraces what happens when things don’t go as planned - when the system fails and you encounter a glitch. In the digital world we live in today where electronics play a key part in almost every part of daily life, things are bound to break at some point. Taking that concept one step further, "Altered Path" takes these errors and defects and positions them as things of beauty themselves. Enforcing the idea of not focusing on what’s not right or perfect, but trying to see the bigger visual image that is created from a simple flaw.


Wear these socks with the matching kit and accessories or pair them with some jeans and sneakers.

Meet the artist

Meet Dan Fong, a Components Graphic Designer on the Specialized TDG team. In this collection, Dan departed from his daily work surrounding the meticulous precision of component graphic design and leaned into the beauty of imperfections. Dan grew up playing and working in the skate, snow, and bike industries. Heavily influenced by the noisy and expressive designs of the 90’s grunge era, Dan relied on magazines like Ray Gun, Transworld Skateboarding, and Beach Culture to inspire this collection.