"Water supports all our endeavors, from the simple task of making paint flow, to sustaining life." 

Sharon L. Crosbie


Aquarelle comes from a collection of inspirations, with a more developmental process. This kit was started as one which developed into another and another until what we see now as Aquarelle. With influences of tropical flamingo patterns, music, meaningful flowers, and a peaceful oceanic feel, this abstract design comes together with a watercolor texture and feel.

Fun fact about this kit: The designer and his kids hand painted these designs using watercolor paint before they were digitized and placed on the apparel pieces.

Meet the artist

Meet Alain Lanusse, TDG Director of Production at Specialized. Motivated by design at a young age, Alain grew up looking through and inspired by BMX magazine. The designs, graphics and obviously bikes played a huge role in Alain making his way to art and into Specialized.

Now a father of two children, Alain wanted to get his kids involved in this kit design. Being a creative person from a young age, including his family was important. So, like most artist he put together a mood board, grabbed the watercolors and the family got to painting.