Best of 2019

Celebrating the top 3 featured collections of 2019. Between the most viewed on the Design Vault, frequently ordered and the most liked on social media, here are your top 3 designs:

Trifecta, Fruit Salad and Dye Happy


With ample amounts of fades, geometric shapes and patterns, Trifecta has all the right elements for a crowd-pleasing kit. The base colors are cool and deep, while the small pops of color keep you from fading into the darkness.

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Fruit Salad

Tossing around the idea of play when this design was being conceptualized, the artist wanted to create a fun and colorful kit to reflect her excitement for warm weather rides ahead. The end result could certainly serve as a reminder to us all that we don’t always have to take our sport (and ourselves) so seriously. In fact, between races and hard workouts, we do really need those lighthearted group rides to mix it up and keep the excitement alive.

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Dye happy

The artist used personally dyed and digitized textures along with hand drawn illustrative graphics to make for all around chill vibes while you’re out shredding with friends. Characterized by cheeky skeleton scenes and quotes these kits will make your ride a chill one! 

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