Catenate [kat-en-eyt]

We go into nature and we are surrounded by it entirely, overwhelmed with stimuli. This is where we learn and grow, escape and breathe. The bike is our tool and the kit is our sort of armor - part of the ritual of suiting up and heading out to explore. To process and interpret what we see, we can find patterns and make connections. We can find the link between different elements of nature and the link from ourselves to nature itself.


Meet Mike Heenan, Custom Design Manager at Specialized and apart of the TDG team. You may recognize Mike from his November and May collections, "Floret" and "Sneak-Through". Mike has a repository for visual information – constantly taking in bits of visual stimulus to add to his personal catalog of inspiration. Rudiments like pops of colors, textures, patterns it all goes into the mixer to hopefully come back out as something fresh.