City scripts

a Street art inspired collection


Seen as a sort of grassroots way to influence and share  collective views, many forms of street art offer thought-provoking quotes or questions posed to its viewers. This design is filled with mantras and fun icons to pump you up before a big race or lighten your mood on a cloudy day.


The main design in this collection, "New Hype", focuses on the positive and uplifting side of street art – the kind that brings a community together to work towards a better future or the kind that simply offers a splash of color and creativity to an otherwise dreary block.


Short Sleeve & Sleeveless

New socks

mid, tall, and now Extra Tall cuff hieghts

Meet The Artist

Meet McKenzie Sampson, a Graphic Designer on the TDG team who has been with Specialized for five years. Based out of Portland, OR, McKenzie spends his free time racing on the Mettle cycling team and exploring new roads. His personal style is heavily illustrative and full of fun icons, tags, and characters. He finds that a simple pencil and paper gives him the quickest way to get down ideas and allow for the most creative freedom.

"With this collection, my aim was to capture the feeling of some of my favorite street styles while also using small icons and typography consistent within my own personal art found in my sketchbooks."