In Layers

Inspired by researchers from all over the globe that have been documenting the increase in temperature in Earth’s atmosphere over the last century. Looking at these changes through color, notice the cool blues drastic shift to the warm dark reds. These blues and reds mixed in with organic graphics inspired by photos of Earth from space, "In Layers" gives light to global trends and changes in nature we face today.

In Layers

During these winter months we tend to layer up and put on protective items shielding us from chilling winds and frozen toes. As we heat up and seasons change, the underlying pieces are revealed.

"In Layers" is a kit representative of mimicking the global temperature rise over the last century. With each layer taken off, a new burning temperature is represented. From the top, these cold hues of blue start off the century in record low temperatures. Just as our bodies heat up layers come loose signifying the alerting oranges into unfathomable deep reds.

Meet the artist

Meet Mary Tolsa. Mary has been with Specialized for about 2 years as a Color Designer on the Concept team. Mary grew up with the urban side of biking. Getting into bicycling fairly young as her dad used to drive the support car in the Philippines for the Marlboro team. As a designer, her approach is rather unique. Coming from a focus in soft-goods in a 3D space, Mary will start projects in a 3D format before creating in a 2D format. This gives her a better perspective of the bigger picture, and creates a better flow of ideas.