Dream Louver

You find fragments of images and sounds as you dig deep in your fading memory to remember how all the pieces fit together. Certain parts stand out, clear as day, while others are fuzzy and seem out of place. Some parts overlap, while others are distinctly separate.

But that’s just how dreams work - once they’re gone, its impossible to get them back in one piece.


Drawing design inspiration from two unrelated sources, traditional Indonesian batik prints and security printing measures on currency, this collection mixes linear and abstract patterns to evoke the feeling of a partially remembered dream that is memorable, yet vague.


Bold, bright lines stand out from the dark backdrop while tone-on-tone watermark prints add a subtle layer of depth. Up close, the design elements are clear, but from a distance the lines create an illusion effect.  


Meet the artist

Meet Mike Heenan, Custom Design Manager at Specialized and apart of the TDG team. You may recognize Mike from his previous collections "Floret" and "Sneak-Through". Mike has a repository for visual information – constantly taking in bits of visual stimulus to add to his personal catalog of inspiration. Rudiments like pops of colors, textures, and patterns - it all goes into the mixer and comes back out as a fresh take on retro-inspired prints.