Can I apply a design across more styles than what is shown?

Yes! Any jersey design can be ordered with a matching vest, jacket, bib shorts, warmers, socks, bottles, etc.

Can I apply any design to any product and style?

Yes! All of our designs are able to be applied to any product and style you’d like. Keep in mind that in doing so, the design may shift to properly adapt to the varying design templates.

How often are new designs added to the Design Library?

New designs are added every month to keep things fresh and exciting. Be sure to check back every so often to see what's new.

Are designs ever removed or retired from the Design Library?

Yes. Part of our goal of keeping your designs unique and exclusive includes limiting the number of uses on each design. So if you see one you like, don’t wait to claim it for your own!



What colors can I choose from when changing colors on designs?

You can choose from the wide variety of colors on our Specialized Custom color palette. All colors are available in their full spectrum, from full saturation to the lightest of tints.

Download Color Palette

Where can I add my logo(s)?

Logos can be added anywhere on garments you see fit, keeping in mind that artwork placed across seams (i.e. across chest/zipper or back pockets) can become distorted in the sewing process. 

Can graphics be sublimated on bib straps?

Yes, graphics can be sublimated on bib straps, but ONLY on SL Expert bib shorts.

How can I make sure that I set up the design in the correct way?

If you are making adjustments to the template(s) on your own, please refer to our Design Guide to learn tips and best practices for submitting print-ready artwork. 

Download Design Guide



Am I responsible for making edits and submitting the final design?

No. Don’t worry, our design team can adjust colors and add logos for you if you do not have the resources to do so. On the other hand, if you have a graphic designer on your team who can make the necessary edits, simply download the design template and use Adobe Illustrator to edit.

How do I submit my order?

Please email your custom account manager (see contact page) or CustomApparel@Specialized.com with the following items:

      • Design name 
      • List of products/styles
      • Artwork/logos in vector format
      • Any changes to the original template: colors, pattern, etc.
      • Instructions/notes on where place logo(s)

What are the next steps after I submit my order?

A custom account manager will reach out to you within 1 business day to confirm receipt and provide next steps in the ordering process.