"a small individual flower that is part of a larger flower"

Heavily influenced by the iconic works of modern design pioneers Grete Prytz Kittelsen and Alvin Lustig, this nostalgic collection evokes a sense of originality. Prytz, a Norwegian enamel artist, was one of the creative founders of the Scandinavian design movement. She is most known for her “Lotus” series of enamelware popular in the 60’s and now sold as collectors’ items. While Lustig, a Modern American Design Pioneer, is well known for his mastery of Pointillism, a technique that uses small dots to create a visual effect of depth when seen from a distance.


Along the same lines as the Lotus series and dot textures found in the natural environment, the patterns found in Floret are derived from elements of nature with notions of plants, waves, clouds, and mountainscapes. Through Pointillism and playing with scale, shape, and form these simple, organic components are brought to life.

Back in the 70’s, the Wrangler Wrelators and Garanimals clothing brands offered interchangeable pieces to help adults and children mix and match to create different outfit combinations. Much like this same concept, Floret is composed of pieces with different, but coordinating patterns and colors that can be configured into several looks.

Meet the Artist

Meet Mike Heenan, Custom Design Manager at Specialized and apart of the TDG team. Mike has a repository for visual information – constantly taking in bits of visual stimulus to add to his personal catalog of inspiration. Rudiments like pops of colors, textures, patterns it all goes into the mixer to hopefully come back out as something fresh.

For this collection, Heenan used inspirations like Garanimals, Alvin Lustig, and vintage enamelware, all thrown into the blender and set to puree over the course of a solid week of lunch rides.