Lost In Translation

An ensemble collection featuring designs from four graphic designers all drawing inspiration from a specific period in time: the 1970's.

Each designer showcases their take on a trend from this era that stands out to them the most. 


This design took inspiration from 1970’s interior design, where bright and bold geometric patterning could be found printed on wall papers, tiling, vinyl’s, and fabrics.

"These prints add a bit of nostalgia while also being easily customizable with a simple color palette change." - Mckenzie Sampson


The poster design of the mid-late 1970's often reflected these elements with clean lines and 3D shapes. Colors, often muted, paired with off-white plastics can be seen throughout this era.

"I find myself most inspired by the straight-edge, futuristic designs of the 1970's." - Ryan Preske


This design was inspired by kitschy 70’s children’s quilts - the bright color, the heavy patterns, and the chunky, cartoony florals.

"I wanted to make something playful and fun that gave off those kitschy vibes without getting too heavy into the electric color palettes that dominated the era. The nostalgia of the era is so distinctive and carries a cult following that I wanted to see reflected in my own riding apparel." - Shelby Ling


Embracing the bold colors and lines found everywhere in the early 1970’s from interiors, to print media, and even flight attendant uniforms and giving them a fresh twist.

"They weren’t afraid of color or scale in the 70’s.” - Mike Heenan

Meet the artists

Four of our Custom TDG graphic designers came together to create this throw-back collection. All starting from the same point of inspiration, iconic 70’s patterns, each designer brought their own perspective on how the design could unfold while maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic with a coordinating color palette.