After months of rain and gloom keeping outdoor activities limited, the start of spring brings an exciting, renewed energy. Full of lush green meadows that hold our attention until we break for afternoon rides. As the paceline pushes forward, the clouds open up and a ray of sun guides your line of sight to a flourishing field of wildflowers.


A floral design with an abstract twist, Meadowscape, offers a fresh take on your everyday botanical pattern. With deep greens of foliage and pops of bright yellow and pink, this collection mimics the colors and energy of early spring.

The pink and black abstract shapes give off a camo feel from a far, while the detailed flowers and textured leaves pull your attention closer to the intricacies of the design. 

Meet the artist

Meet McKenzie Sampson, a Graphic Designer on the TDG team who has been with Specialized for five years. You may know of McKenzie from his first featured collection “City Scripts” full of color and hand-drawn pieces. “Meadowscape” is no exception to his illustrative style and unique take on bold color schemes. 

As warmer months approach, McKenzie has more adventure racing, packing trips and a bit less road racing in his near future. Just getting out there and trying something different is his current goal.