Monster Paradise

Let’s take it back to the 50’s and 60’s when the Hot Rod Movement was all about the custom paint job. When the crazy illustrative and grotesque art of Ed Roth, rooted in Southern California, was everywhere. The style is now known as Monster Hot Rod, which all started with Roth’s love for automobiles and disdain for the Mickey Mouse cartoon. Since Roth was a custom automobile painter, his renegade art form took off as an all-around desired look for any type of racing machine, badass car or motorcycle.

Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise is a mash up of two of the artists favorite subjects: Classic cars and monsters. The design offers bright, colorful cartoons with a freaky ghoulish twist that create a mysteriously rad finished product. 

The wild, yet unpolished style brings this intricate pattern to life. Making this collection more versatile, some pieces feature a more subtle tone-on-tone pattern with small pops of color that can be layered over the main pieces.

Get mesmerized by the madness of this collection.

Meet the Artist

Meet Ryan Preske, A TDG designer on the Specialized Custom team. Ryan grew up around muscle cars, dirt bikes, and horror movies filled with zombies and creepy monsters. So, naturally, he often takes artistic inspiration from this unique style. For having such an eccentric drawing style, Preske tends to find illustrating a relaxing activity he’ll regularly do before bed. Despite being so close to lights out, all the crazy monster ideas that could potentially produce nightmares, tend to result in some wild and unconventional art pieces.