When the pieces finally fit together and the creative juices have blended perfectly, an artist may find themselves with a wonderfully crafted finished product. 


With the goal of creating a captivating design, “Montage” went through the creative process numerous times. The evolution of this pattern began with gathering various material and obsessively pondering over 70s Post Modern inspiration.

As a child, the designer was inspired by Pee Wee’s Playhouse where every surface was covered in crazy elaborate patterns. Each pattern was created by famous designers and featured in big-time art magazines. These patterns became influential in the designer's drive to become an artist.

By experimentation and consciously embracing the struggle of mental blocks, an artist may begin to discover new perspectives.  As a result of changing the color palette, inserting new shapes, and continuously circling back to the original design, the pattern begins to take life – a montage.

Meet the artist

Meet Ryan Preske, A TDG designer on the Specialized Custom team. With 15 years of design experience and 7 years dedicated to bike apparel, Preske brings a unique style to his pattern making. When designing patterns, he diligently works to deconstruct various elements and put them back together in new and interesting ways. Preske’s eccentric style and attention to detail is always present.