With a touch of sneaker culture, cloudscapes and a dreamy essence, “Sneak-through” was created, including textures found in the 80’s and 90’s that are emerging once again in today’s sneaker culture.


A muted gray tone overlays textures from the late 80’s and early 90’s where bright hits of blue and pink sneak through setting up a naturally abstract pattern leaving an impression of clouds.

The motivation behind the design was to create something sneaker inspired without a literal representation. "Sneak-Through" was executed with a mix of current trends like unusual color palettes, soft tones, pops of bright color, transparency and overlaying fabrics.

Meet the artist

Meet Mike Heenan, Custom Design Manager at Specialized and apart of the TDG team. You may recognize Mike from his November collection "Floret". Mike has a repository for visual information – constantly taking in bits of visual stimulus to add to his personal catalog of inspiration. Rudiments like pops of colors, textures, patterns it all goes into the mixer to hopefully come back out as something fresh.