When life feels as though you are treading water and your greatest fears are surrounding you, keep treading. Not only are sharks a commonly feared creature, but also a representation of strength and confidence. Attack each day with intent, unease will quickly turn into courage.

Treading Water

One might believe shark skin to be similar to your traditional fish scales. On the contrary, their skin is much like miniature teeth, showing to be more like fur where sharks are able to swim more efficiently and effortlessly. Considering the tiny-teeth like skin, the art process of stippling only seemed appropriate. Stippling is a mark making process that involves countless small dots. Not only does this help give these uniquely hand-drawn sharks a realistic feature, but also creates a creepy deep sea shadow effect. 

Meet the artist

Meet Guy Puffer, a graphic designer working on the TDG team at Specialized. As an apparel designer working on graphics for the cycling industry you don’t often get to go wild with a design. Guy took “Treading Water” to another level. Bringing in inspiration from his childhood vacations to the caribbean. From camping on the beach in Florida, to a leisure cruise to the Bahamas or Belize, the ocean was always a fascination. Naturally, sharks come top of mind and played a big influence on the inspiration for “Treading Water”.