The Design

With ample amounts of fades, geometric shapes and patterns, Trifecta has all the right elements for a crowd-pleasing kit. The base colors are cool and deep, while the small pops of color keep you from fading into the darkness.

Trifecta - By Ruedda Bikes

Using a color scheme that ties in with other apparel and branding found in their shop, Ruedda Bikes customized this collection to make it their own.

Contrasting Men's and Women's versions show how inversed colors can be a fun way to add some variety and distinction between different styles in your collection. 

Meet the Artists

They say three’s a crowd, but we say it’s just the right amount. Three of our Custom TDG graphic designers came together to create this futuristic collection. All starting from the same point of inspiration, each designer brought their own perspective on how the design could unfold while still maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic.