Find your escape and see the beauty in the details

Two designs make up this illustrative collection: Strange Trails and Hidden Hollow.


An off-the-wall design, Strange Trails is inspired by escaping into the forest on bike, specifically the redwoods that house the UCSC Campus trails in Santa Cruz, Ca. These ancient giants tower over the trails and provide cover to creatures hidden on the forest floor below.

In such dark, mysterious surroundings with unknowns lurking at every twist and turn, it’s easy to let your imagination take over. Who do the glowing eyes hiding in the charred tree stump belong to? Are the seemingly harmless banana slugs conspiring with the aliens on just the right time to beam you up? You'll just have to wait and find out...


The next time you go for a ride in the woods, stop for a minute to slow down and take in your surroundings. Nothing is quite as it seems from just a quick glance while racing by. You’ll start to notice the texture of the pithy, reddish bark on the huddled trunks, the thin needles stacked along the spine of each leaf, and the innocuous banana slugs that would otherwise go unnoticed.

At this deeper level, the underbrush becomes its own small world within the greater world of the forest. There’s so much to marvel at below the forest canopy. A simple reminder that, like racing down trails, life moves fast – you miss so much if you don’t stop to appreciate the small things.


Meet Dan Severson, a Specialized TDG graphic designer whose daily work centers around mountain bike, road, and helmet graphics. The creator behind the “Wild Woods“ collection, Dan clearly has a unique style with a notable talent for hand-drawn illustrations.

Dan finds inspiration through riding bikes in the Redwoods, a crucial means of escape from the commotion of daily life. Like many avid riders, his interest in mountain biking started by casually biking to work and exploring trails to ride through his neighborhood and to the local beach. He now mostly rides in Santa Cruz and Aptos, home to the towering Redwoods that inhabit the UCSC Campus and the Forest of Nisene State Park.